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This is a voluptuous Swedish clock. It has retained its original paint in a wonderful indigo blue color. Some areas of the clock's finish have worn off, showing the natural wood below. This clock has beautiful white hand painted markings on the body where the clockmaker inscribed decorative floral motifs and the date of "1863". There is a Half-moon shaped glass window in the belly of the clock, which symbolizes "salt" in Sweden. This gives us more provenance that the clock was created near the ocean or seashore. Circa 1863.



  Width:  25 in

  Depth:  10 in

  Height:  80 in

Swedish 19th Century Gustavian - Circa 1863

SKU: N-1

These items are antique and therefore show signs of wear and patinas consistent with their age and history and are sold “as is.” The clock mechanisms are generally basic and rustic in nature. They do not resemble the refined mechanisms of clockmakers of today. As such, they cannot be described as reliable timepieces and are often bought for their style, appearance, and character. While the clock mechanism works, they are sold on the understanding it is not made to the same standards of modern-day clock movements and may require balancing to even the pendulum swing and servicing/cleaning to ensure its continued working.

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