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This incredibly special Swedish Longcase clock was manufactured by Sven Hansson-Berglin in 1797. This clock was made in northern Sweden in the county of Jamtland. The clock retains its original paint, and is richly decorated with intricate paint colors and wooden carvings throughout. This clock retains both its original green tinted convex glass face and belly glass. The single weight is unusual as well as it is made of carved stone instead of iron. The clock mechanism is very early construction and therefore was created to only have one clock hand. The provenace of the carpenter and date the clock was created are both painted at the bottom of the clock face, "Sven-Hans 1797"


This incredible clock face has a written Swedish proverb etched into the metal that reads, "Tiden gar bort och kommer alldri mer igen" which translates to, "Time passes by quickly and never comes again." 

 The carpenter and clockmaster who made this clock was more commonly known as Sven-Hans because that is how he signed his work. He was active during the later part of the 18th century and some years into the 19th century. After being recruited and spending the years between 1762 and 1777 in the local calvary as a soldier he later became a clockmaker. It is said he did not enjoy his time in the miliary, and longed for a more peacful life. So when he was allowed to return to his love of clockmaking he always left a messafe of peace or hope for future generations to find. I beleive the sentiment of this clock telling us to make the most of every day we have been given,  is just as meaningul now as it was almost 225 years ago. 

Known for his high qualtity work and very decorated clock cases. Some of his clock's can currently be seen exhibited in Sweden's Jamtland's county museum.  He was know as a "kind man and clockmaker" and the love he put into his craft shines through in this incredible clock, truly a piece of history. 


1797 Swedish Longcase clock- Sven Hansson Berglin

SKU: F-4

These beautiful items are antique and therefore show signs of wear and rich patinas consistent with their age and history and are sold “as is.” The clock mechanisms are generally basic and rustic in nature. They do not resemble the refined mechanisms of clockmakers today. As such, they cannot be described as reliable timepieces and are often bought for their style, appearance, and character. While our clock mechanisms have all been cleaned and serviced by a master clocksmith, they are sold on the understanding they are  not made to the same standards of modern-day clock movements and may require balancing to even the pendulum swing once in your home and servicing/cleaning to ensure its continued working.

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